The Fat Tail

Political risk management programs

Eurasia Group brings the power of political knowledge to your business

For corporate executives, boards of directors, and strategic planning teams

Eurasia Group's Political Risk Management Programs expand on the premise of The Fat Tail — written by Ian Bremmer and Preston Keat of Eurasia Group — and are specifically tailored for practical use by businesses. These seminars help corporate leaders prepare for and respond to political developments before they become crises.

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Why is managing political risk critical?

In today’s global economy, politics matter as much as economics. Companies and investors can learn to read the warning signs of political risk if they know what to look for, but the common inclination is to hope that highly volatile situations will be few and far between. This is a dangerous gamble. On the curve that charts the frequency of these events and the power of their impact, the “tail” of extreme political instability is not reassuringly thin but dangerously fat. Even in the most stable markets, political developments can dramatically affect the business environment.

Political risk management is a competitive advantage for companies and investors in today’s world of increased uncertainty and volatility. Offered in three formats—executive presentations, half-day workshops, and full-day workshops—Eurasia Group’s Political Risk Management Programs will help decision-makers identify, analyze, and mitigate the political risk their organizations face.